What We Use for
Perfect Sound

M Tracks Recording Studios offers clients an endless choice of great recording studio equipment.

To get a more comprehensive idea of the gear found in M Tracks Recording Studios, please see below for our full recording studio equipment list. Every piece of equipment we own can be found here on this list, and we update it regularly for new additions (we’re always adapting to shifting musical landscape).

Whether you’re looking for a specific vintage ribbon mic or a rare 70’s compressor, we hope this list gives you some clarification. If you like what you see, please get in touch to book in some studio time with M Tracks Recording Studios.


  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann TLM-49
  • Neumann TL-102
  • Blue Bluebird

Compressors / Preamps

  • Tube Tech LCA2B
  • Manley Eloch Compressor

DAWs & Monitors

  • Raven Slate Displays
  • ProTools
  • Fruity Loops
  • Logic Pro
  • Avid S3 Console
  • Focal Alpha 80
  • Yamaha HS8 Monitors
  • Adam Audio A77X
  • JBL LSR6332
  • JBL MK2 (8In)